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Review: F&I Compliance, Laws, and Regulations

Time limit: 45 days

Spots remaining: 7

Full course description

The automotive industry, like most major industries, is heavily regulated by the government to monitor performance and protect consumers. The F&I office, which is critical to any dealership's bottom line, is held to a particularly high standard which makes compliance a primary goal.  As an F&I professional, you will have a variety of responsibilities to the consumer. From helping clients finance their vehicle to recommending products to protect their purchase, every step requires your knowledge and strict adherence to the regulations and laws set forth by the federal and state governments. 

Throughout this course, you'll be introduced to the laws, rules, and regulations that will inform your practice and be critical to operating with a compliance mindset.  While the federal laws are applicable to everyone, you'll notice some variation with individual states.  We'll give you the tools to sift through the categories of the federal laws and resources to understand common state requirements.