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T1 - Technology Basics

Time limit: 30 days

$50 Enroll

Full course description

The Technology Basics for Small Businesses course is designed to empower small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs with the essential technological knowledge and skills necessary for today's rapidly advancing business environment. Whether you're looking to update your current technology setup or laying the groundwork for a new venture, this course offers the insights and guidance needed to make informed decisions about technology infrastructure. 

Participants will delve into the core aspects of technology that are critical for running a successful business, including selecting the right hardware, software, and digital tools. With a focus on staying competitive and efficient in the marketplace, the course covers how to evaluate and choose technologies that align with specific business needs. 

Through this course, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the technology landscape and be equipped with the ability to make strategic decisions that enhance their business operations. The curriculum is designed to build foundational tech skills, ensuring participants can navigate the complexities of digital tools and resources effectively, positioning their businesses for success in a technology-driven world. 


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